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Arrival Mind is a "children's book for grown-ups" about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Written by AI researcher Dr. Louis B. Rosenberg with glorious artwork by Anastasia Khmelevska, Arrival Mind combines surreal imagery and clever prose to explore what could be one of the greatest threat humanity will ever face.  Specifically, it addresses what Rosenberg calls the Arrival Mind Paradox - the fact that we humans have a visceral fear of aliens arriving from another planet and yet the alien we create here in the form of sentient AI is actually far more dangerous.


Praise for Arrival Mind


“Insightful and alarming, I recommend Arrival Mind to everyone."

– San Francisco Book Review


"The clearest description of AI that I have read – anybody can understand how we're creating a monster.”



"A delightful, ominous, and edifying look at a menacing future." 

Kirkus Review


"Rosenberg's compact warning is beautifully assembled."

– Publishers Weekly

“A must read for anyone who cares about the future of humanity.”

– Eric Klien, President of Lifeboat Foundation


“A highly recommended read for those interested in AI”



“Great, beautifully illustrated, easy to consume book about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Very relevant!”​


"An entertaining and charming way to bring the AI debate to a wider audience -- pass it on to everyone!"  

-- Tania Duarte, Co-Founder We and AI


"A stark warning about the alien power of AI.”

-- David Baltaxe, President - Unanimous AI

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Louis Rosenberg discusses the Arrival Mind Paradox (2017) - TEDX KC
Computer Scientist, Dr Louis Rosenberg, discusses the Arrival Mind Paradox (TEDx Talk 2017)
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